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About Us

Wing Bonz is a restaurant located in Rock Hill, South Carolina. We’d rather consider ourselves a staple in the community, all thanks to the loyal customers we’re surrounded by. We’re the home of the best ranch and Honey Hot sauce in town, voted by the people. Our amazing relationship with distribution also helps us ensure that we provide the largest wings the market has to offer. If that doesn’t summarize us in a few sentences, we’re not sure what will. The people that get it, get it. 


We opened the first South Carolina location for “Wing King” on Ebenezer in the year 2000, which for many Rock Hill patrons, holds a large amount of sediment. About a decade later we went through with a name change to avoid confusion with other restaurants that shared the same name. That is when the name, Wing Bonz, was born. 


Wing Bonz has proudly served the Rock Hill community for over two decades and has no plan to stop or slow down. We take pride in our strong relationships with Miracle Park, all rockhill high school athletic programs, and the strong community that has supported us over the years. 


Below, we have listed customer testimonials from some of our most loyal supporters over the last 23 years. 

Erica Marten 

Age: 28 

"I have been a customer at Wing Bonz since it was “Wing King” in the strip mall near the airport in Rock Hill off of Ebenezer. And if you can remember that then you know it’s been a longgg time. I was probably around 5 when I started coming into wing bonz. They saw me as a kid, a teenager, a married adult and pregnant and now a mom. I now live about 30 mins from there but I still make the effort once or twice a week. And when they see me they don’t even have to come get my order most of the time. Even now the waitresses have seen me grow up and still don’t have to ask for my order. They have always been like family to us there."

Lisa Tompkins 

Age: 59

"We have been coming to Wing Bonz since it first opened on Oakland. We continue to come here because t'sone four favorite places to hang out, enjoy a few drinks, and a delicious meal. The staff is so friendly, we always feel like family."

"We have been coming to Wing Bonz for years, actually for as long as we both can remember. We both come from a family considered “regulars” and grew up visiting (dating back to the original location on Ebenezer by the airport). We love that Wing Bonz not only has great food but they treat you like family! The workers are always super friendly and will make the time to stop by and say hello! I (Morgan) had the privilege of working there for a few years while in college. I can honestly say that the owners (and their family) works long hard hours. It is very rare to find a business like this where the owners are on the front line “getting their hands dirty” alongside with their employees. This truly makes a difference in the workplace/business and I consider them my family. Being on the employee side I will also attest that there are so many others out there who frequent the restaurant and they also became like family that I still keep in touch with! Wing Bonz is always there to support their patrons and sponsor local community groups/events (schools, sports teams, etc.). We love our Wing Bonz family and appreciate all they have done for our family over the years! We always look forward to a great meal and great company!"

Chad and Morgan Smith 

Ages: 30,30  

Alexa Young, CA

Customer Testimonials

Name: Chris Matthews 

Age: 41

"I have been coming to Wing Bonz for 23 years. The service is extremely excellent and phenomenal. Plus all the staff treat me like I am part of the family. It is a mom and pop place to eat and it’s very reasonable. I love supporting the little mom and pop places.The fried mushrooms are my favorite appetizer and my favorite meal is the Buffalo chicken wrap with medium raw fries,or the chicken tenders rolled in 24 carrot gold, sometimes it’s hard to decide."

Name: Ray Singleton

Age: 34

"I have been coming to “WingKing” (For some reason I refuse to acknowledge & accept the name change lol) since I was a freshman at Winthrop University in 2007. It is now 2023, & I still enjoy it like it’s brand new. Everybody LITERALLY in there is family! They don’t even give me a menu anymore when I come in because it is a well known fact that I’m ordering Honey Hot Finger Basket with Honey BBQ on the side and a Pepsi…EVERY SINGLE TIME!!"

Name: Adam Warr

Age: 38

"I have come back for 23 years because the owners Scott and Barbara are really nice. The staff is always extremely friendly, helpful and happy. The service is phenomenally amazing. I love the small independent mom and pop restaurants. I have always felt like family. Kate is a rockstar and absolutely awesome. All the staff here are great people. Being a customer at all of the locations wing king and wing bonz have been in. Just an added note: thanks to the owner for supplying a wonderful restaurant to eat at and a huge thanks to all of the staff for their awesome hospitality and great service they provide."

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